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how do I build a deeper bond with my dog?

We all want what's best for our dogs.


All relationships thrive with consistent communication and our relationships with our dogs is no exception. This is where Steady Hand Dog Training starts with every client. Communication.


Unless we speak our dog's language, how can we help them and enrich our relationship with them? A balanced approach to training allows us to reach their minds and their hearts.


This is Steady Hand Dog Training's Specialty.


Our training system is designed to set you and your dog up to succeed. Follow-through is a must and with the tools, technique and understanding of the psychological progression we help our dogs with, this first step we take with our best friend is one step closer to a life we once thought impossible.

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Launched in 2021, Steady Hand Dog Training is the result of 8+ years of training under a Master Trainer.   After such a long journey, I decided to step out on my own and carry on with the express mission of not just educating my community about professional dog training and dog language, but how to implement the technique correctly and with balance, resulting in your dream dog.

Having seen countless techniques, theories and approaches to dog training, I found they were limited in their effectiveness and not taken seriously enough or far too heavy-handed.  There's a better way, a steadier way to train in which we earn our dog's respect but not at the cost of their affection, not at the cost of their spirit.  Training should serve as a bonding activity in which we define our relationship through a healthy and balanced level of respect, trust, love, and boundaries.

Welcome to Steady Hand Dog Training, a family business in the business of savings dogs and teaching their families how to become their advocate, their leader, their protector.  Give us a call and we would love to show you how.



Each year approximately 670,000 dogs are euthanized. We believe that the majority of those dogs could have been saved by addressing their behavioral issues through professional training. 


Our mission is to educate our community about professional dog training and dog language to keep dogs out of shelters and from being euthanized. 

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"Lead by the power of your example, not examples of your power."

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"Experience tells you what to do.  Confidence allows you to do it."



“Count your blessings and make your blessings count.”

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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we’re powerful beyond measure."

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“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. When life is dragging you back, it means it’s going to launch you into something great.”



"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."

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I love dogs.  A lot.  Since I was a kid, I have loved this animal and had always wanted to understand how they think, speak and the WHY.  When I was 16, my parents got me my first dog, a black cockapoo corgi mix that we - living all the way out in Jersey, named 'Phoenix'.  Who would have thought?

Why do I train dogs? About a year after getting 'Phoenix', my next-door neighbor brought home a German Shepherd puppy they named 'Thunder'.  He and I would play along the fence and we became friends. They'd had him about 3 months and after several days of not seeing him out there, I asked my neighbor where he has been and he responded, "We got rid of him, he was chewing up everything in the house."  


Let that sink in.  Unacceptable.  When our dogs are left to their own instincts and reflexes, trouble in many forms can result.  It isn't the fault of our dogs - they're animals!  An education for our dogs leads to a better life for you and your best friend.  Do any of us want to leave our dogs at home so often?  To put him away when we have company over? To not be able to take a getaway because of his poor behavior?  Or to be at the crossroads of surrendering your friend or keeping her?  There is a way out of these extremes.

I've been in the field for almost a decade now, educating our community about what dog language is, how we can speak it, and implement it humanely to set our dogs up to succeed.  So let's get back to it and put a dent in that number of dogs euthanized each year.  Welcome to Steady Hand Dog Training, y'all!


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My love for dogs started when I was 13, my older brother adopted a Lhasa Apso puppy but couldn't keep it in his apartment complex - mom & little sister to the rescue!  My beloved Annie loved me unconditionally through some really, really tough years.  That bond lasted 16 years and I still keep a photo of her in my bedroom today.  That's the love of a dog, it never leaves you.

At 16, I got my first job at a dog boarding kennel in Northern California. Most kids worked at Tower Records and McDonald's but not me, I loved the dogs! Looking back now, I realize how much I didn't know and how lucky I was that I didn't get injured - I had some scary encounters.  The dogs were always communicating, I just didn't understand, even though I thought I did.  Today I know dogs speak a different language and in order to reach our full potential with our beloved four-legged fur babies, we need to bridge the communication gap with a professional.

My love for dogs continued into adulthood as I always managed to pick up a stray here and there.  When I met Alexander, he was early in his training career.  I was blown away that there was such a thing as a professional dog trainer and that one could make a living out of doing something they love.  On our first date, he was so passionate about dogs!  He is just as passionate today.

Starting this chapter together has allowed us to share something we both love and has allowed us to meet so many wonderful clients, friends and build a strong dog-loving community.


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Growing up in northern Illinois and the Rockies of Colorado, our family dogs always had a lot of freedom. We loved taking them hiking through the mountains and playing in the lake.  I grew up with dogs by my side, as best buds, but lacked the leadership dogs need in a pack. I was used to the dogs making their own decisions based on instinct rather than mutual trust and respect. 


Years later a friend introduced me to the idea of dog training and showed me immediate results with my 10 year old lab mix, Bailey. I remember how excited I was to connect with my dog through the training process, and finally feel like I understood how my dog was learning and communicating. At that point, I knew I’d found the passion I’d been looking for all my life. I love all animals, but am drawn to canines especially for their strength, unconditional love, loyalty, and quirky characteristics. 


After my lab Bailey passed away, a friend introduced me to the French Shepherd.  I fell in love with the breed and am blessed to now have one of my own.  His name is Bohdan and he goes everywhere with me.  He’s intelligent, handsome, and a huge goofball.  When we’re not training and meeting new people, we are playing and spending quality time with my 8 year old son, Elijah.


My mission as a trainer is to help you achieve the results you, your dog, and your family deserve! In addition to solving any behavioral issues, I want to help families build and strengthen their relationships with man’s best friend! I have a unique bond with each dog and family I work with, and like to continue to communicate long after sessions are complete. Your success and ability to live your dream life with your four legged best friend is why I continue to train! 


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I have worked with animals all my teen and adult life. I started my dog loving career by taking my liver spotted Dalmatian Chesapeake, absolutely everywhere in the neighborhood as a kid.  I walked her myself and learned the love of owning a dog through her.  Entering high school I started a part time job at an animal shelter, Animals Benefits Club, a no kill shelter that had tons of dogs of all temperaments.  Having to care for them and go in and out of kennels regardless of the temperament taught me so much about the patience and communication that dogs can come to learn. 


After this initial experience, I met Alexander through wanting to get my personal dogs professionally trained as an adult.  We got along so well he recruited me to become a certified professional dog trainer as well. We have worked together for 5 years now learning the ins and outs of dog training. 


My personal dog Winston is trained in advanced obedience, utility, advance retrieval trained, and scent work.  He is a professional service dog with other tasks specific to this job.  I now have a 1 year old Cane Corso puppy going through all of the same training and I am so excited to be working side by side with Alexander training dogs!


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I was born in Elgin, Illinois but raised here in Surprise, AZ.  I discovered my passion for dogs only recently when I welcomed two German Shepherd puppies, Roczen and Rosie, into my world back in December of 2019. That day forever changed my life and I never knew you could have such a connection with a dog before!


Sadly, 13 months later, my boy Roczen, unexpectedly passed away due to kidney disease. And, like many of us that lose our 4-legged best friend, my world was turned upside down. It was then that I knew my passion was working with and being around dogs.  I didn’t exactly know what that looked like or how I was going to pursue my dreams.  Regardless, Rosie and I were determined to begin our search together. I worked with Rosie everyday and would send videos to my friends of our adventures.  I loved playing and training with her and saw first hand how training can enhance relationships between us and our four legged friends. 


A few months later I was introduced to Alexander through a friend and discovered the world of professional dog training.  I was blown away and immediately knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  Although my journey has only just begun, I am excited and looking forward to my future as a dog trainer with Steady Hand Dog Training.  We are a family business in the business of saving dogs!  I am ready to change lives by helping humans communicate more effectively with their four legged best friends and give dogs across the valley a more balanced and enriched life with their humans.


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Our 4 "Cuddle Coordinators" have all grown up around dogs and the youngest 2 were born into the dog training life.

They're there on walks, they cuddle, they'll even train a bit with the smaller ones that come into our care. They're always up for helping my wife bake dog treats for our four-legged pack mates.

Their favorite breeds include the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, the Maltipoo and anything else that looks like a cute stuffed animal.

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Big.  Plays to win.  High drive & friendly.

A workaholic.


a.k.a. Lolly Bear.  Sweet as she is sassy. When she’s not training, she’s chasing balls and sitting in laps!


a.k.a “Boh-dozer.  Everyone’s best friend.



a.k.a The Nard Dog. Fast. Can jump through car windows. Fast. Loves to go hiking. Goofball.  Also he’s fast! 


Doesn’t care for most people, or dogs.  She is basically a cat.  When not sounding the alarm, she enjoys agility at the park! 


Sweet and gentle but also a beast.  Loves to hike and swim.  Prefers her food raw.


Underbite. Smarter than your 5th grader. Climbs trees.


Best friends are 5lb cat and mini schnauzer. Can play dead. Scared of his own shadow.


“Watching and learning from Alexander was eye opening. His knowledge, passion, and immense love for dogs shows in everything he does. We are forever thankful for him and the training he has provided us. I truly believe that if he was never recommended to us the outcome would have been very different… He saved us from making a hard decision and in doing so he saved Mya.”