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Steady Hand apparel

How you feel matters.  The statement you make matters.  Steady Hand apparel is not trivial, it's purposeful.  It's designed to make you feel like the leader within.  A reminder of the hard work you put in with your best friend.  You look good.  You feel good.  Represent yourself and your best friend in a stylish way and take your place in the Steady Hand Fam.

AfterlightImage 68.jpg

Blackout edition

The subtleties of dog psychology cannot be overstated.  An understated hat with an unmistakable message: finesse.  Black patch, black logo, black name on charcoal and black.  Subtle.  Bad to the bone, baby.


The Heritage line is inspired by the beginning of our journey into training, or, for those of us now further along, a symbol reminding us of our own struggles and victories that shape who we are today.




Boss Of Everything.  


Inspired by our co-founder and CFO, Nicole!  Classic black, a huge pop of pink & a black patch with custom white stitching. If looks could kill.. 


Fortunately, this hat does.

AfterlightImage 71.JPG


'Protection' is one of the highest forms of obedience and requires a very strong influence over your dog.  The guardian hat is a reflection of the smoldering beast within us all. Let it out a little.

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